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Special offer سحبة فابريسو اكس روز


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The Cross dispenser from Fabrico offers you a great performance experience from the best electronic shisha devices I have tried, amazing performance, high quality electronic cigarette swipes, technology in design and the pleasure of an upscale look that suits those with fine taste Exceeding Taste Limits: Maximum 20W on XROS paired with advanced MESH pods and an adjustable airflow system maximizes flavor efficacy and nicotine saturation to cover vaper needs. Exceeding Power Limits: Built-in 800mAh battery and 1A Type-C fast charging, keeping you out of low battery warning for longer. EXCEEDED EASE: The visible capsule helps you quickly determine how much e-juice is left. And it only takes one hand to refill. Exceeding Reliability: The Axon chip in XROS offers multiple safeguards to avoid potential risks. Using SUS304 stainless steel for coating, it is anti-corrosion and has exquisite texture. These four features make the Cross Atomizer one of the best electronic withdrawal machines ever, and it is truly a product worth trying. Adjustable air flow system, to increase the effectiveness of flavor The visible capsule, to help users quickly identify the remaining e-juice Built-in 800mAh battery, supports Type-C 1A fast charging SUS304 SS Corrosion Resistant Coating, With Exquisite TextureProduct Type: Case Kit Size: 112 x 23 x 13 mm Capacity: 2ml Battery: 800 mAh Resistance: 1.2 / 0.8Ω Contents: 1 x XROS battery 1 x XROS 0.8Ω Mesh iPod (2ml) 1 x XROS 1.2Ω Mesh Pod (2ml) 1 x USB Type C cable 1 x User Manual 1 x Warranty Card 1 x reminder card


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